The modern discord framework of Dart

Mineral is the first Dart framework for developing your discord bots. It helps you build applications faster with a responsive development server, easy-to-use components, and a flexible structure that can be adapted to any use.

Points that will make you love Mineral

Create robust and complete discord bots in Dart using Mineral. An application that brings together the tools for your product's success.

  • Productivity

    Gain speed, and complete your assignments faster.

  • Scalability

    A free and fragmented architecture, perfect for a scalable project.

  • Security

    Tools designed to ensure security throughout your application.

  • Performance

    Improve your performance with the help of Mineral and its many features.

  • DX

    Take advantage of our eco-system to make your life easier and avoid repeating unnecessary tasks.

  • Ecosystem

    Take advantage of an ecosystem exclusive to the Mineral framework. Don't reinvent the wheel, we provide a multitude of additional packages.

The developer's experience is important to us

Design a powerful and scalable application following the concept of "single responsability" with component classes dedicated to events, commands, shared states and more.

The world's most innovative companies use our app